Overhauled and reconditioned machines

We overhaul and technologically upgrade our machines. In this way we ensure that the machines you wish to purchase are almost as operational as the corresponding new model. All machines are tested together with you before they are delivered to you.

MVM-BUSINARO used machines are a viable alternative, completely reconditioned and overhauled, these are able to be productive with the maximum efficiency and precision.

The process of our review and reconditioning is the result of a careful check of all components.

From a precise Revision proposal MVM-BUSINARO guarantees transparency and clarity of used and reconditioned products.

At the end of the final evaluation of the costs and benefits of each proposal, having a very clear appreciation between a new machine or a revised machine, MVM-BUSINARO offers the customer a clear and complete Revision Specification detailing:

  • the spare parts to be replaced
  • amount of labour required
  • proposed guarantee
  • payment schedule

These preliminary elements are important for quantifying and assessing the quality and advantages of our offer.

According to customer needs and requirements, we can offer a broar range of MVM-BUSINARO grinding machines and solutions, combined with all of MVM engineering services such as:

  • Training courses
  • Advice on suitable grinding machines and grinding trials
  • Financing services
  • Assistance, maintenance and Start-up
  • After-sales services for spare parts and consumables

The MVM product range includes:

  • Lapping machines
  • Grinding machines for straight blades
    • Grinding machines for planer knives
    • Grinding machines for knives chipper blades and recycling blades
    • Industrial grinding machines with PLC control
  • Surface grinding machines
  • Grinding machines for "Doctor Blades"
  • Grinding machines for circular blades
  • Bandsaw grinding machines
  • Special application grinding machines

The BUSINARO product range includes:

  • HSS, friction, solid carbide circular saw sharpeners
  • Grinding machines for circular knives and counter-knives with carbide (HM) teeth

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